3 Key Challenges that Every IELTS Institute Faces


An average of 1 million people emigrate to foreign countries from India every year and the population is only rising. Most immigrants need to clear the IELTS test which is a benchmark of language proficiency. While there are several ways to prepare for the test, the best way is to obtain formal training from an IELTS institute.

To counter the growing demand for the IELTS test preparation, an exploding number of IELTS institut ues have opened up in almost all parts of the country. Evidently, IELTS education is a lucrative business.

But what are the key problems that every institute faces? Let’s go over them quickly and see how Your Class Manager, our IELTS institute management software can help you resolve the same.

Student Management

Each IELTS institute has several batches of students that run at different intervals of time. It can become hectic to track every batch proficiently and make sure the students follow the curriculum. It often seems pointless to hire someone just for managing students.

Your Class Manager makes this task easy by allowing you to manage all the students and get customized reports for the same. You can track student’s personal details, the coaching hours they’ve bought, the scores they’re getting and even send SMS text for communicating directly to students. Easy, isn’t it?

Fees Management

Managing student fees is one of the most uphill tasks. Some students pay upfront, some pay in instalments while some pay lumpsum. Therefore, tracking dues and on-time collection is a challenge.

Your Class Manager takes this load off your shoulders by reporting all the students who have paid with reminders for who have yet to pay. Making it easier for you to stay informed always.

Producing Excellent Results

While you can have the best IELTS teachers in the town but still have poor student results. This is where the best IELTS institute management software shines. Because mostly, it’s the medical pharmaceutical industry management that becomes the deciding factor for student results.

You can manage everything from staff attendance and assign tasks to all the teachers accordingly. This way, you can avoid lapses in teacher duties, and carefully watch how each batch is performing. This information will help you schedule extra classes or seminars for weak students, ensuring good results.